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Happy Earth Day 2013 From Prime Line

earth day 2013

Earth day 2013 is a great time of the year to reevaluate the type of packaging your company uses. It’s important to be mindful of the materials that are used to create your bags and boxes. Using materials that are biodegradable or making your packaging reusable will reduce your carbon footprint on the planet. This will put less waste in our landfills over time, and will make the world a cleaner place to live in.

Here at Prime Line Packaging we make a conscious effort to remain green, especially for Earth Day 2013. We use natural, biodegradable materials to make several of our reuable bags, such as: cotton, jute, linen, bamboo, and muslin. Additionally, we keep up with the latest bag laws and make sure that our products comply with the environmental regulations set out by each state, as well as using recyclable materials in many of our bags.

What ways could you change your packaging in order to be more environmentally responsible?

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