Custom Printed Paper Shopping Bags for Retail, Businesses, Trade Shows, & Restaurants

At Prime Line Packaging, we specialize in intricate and one-of-a-kind paper shopping bags for all your trade show, retail, small or large business, and restaurant needs. We create paper bags that you won’t find anywhere else. Custom printed full-color paper bags are one of the most useful retail items available. Our luxury paper shopping bags are custom-made to meet your exact specifications. We are proud to be FSC® Certified.

When you work with us, you never have to worry about the vast landscape of paper bag ban regulations. We have the knowledge and expertise to execute the look and feel of the shopping bag you want while remaining within the boundaries of compliance for the paper shopping bag industry. We are also very knowledgeable of the bag ban regulations that vary from state to state.

We take pride in working with our customers to create eco-friendly and on-trend paper shopping bags. Each paper shopping bag is sustainably crafted with a touch of luxury to excel our customer’s shopping experience.

Having premium quality paper bags in any brand’s packaging collection will significantly enhance your brand value. Not only are paper bags great for in-store use, but they also act as mobile billboards to enhance your brand. With the right eco-friendly materials, branding, and design, customers can keep your bags for further use. This, in turn, creates more impressions and further spotlights your brand campaign. Our custom-printed paper bags are the best option for your brand’s in and out-of-store packaging collection.

We’d love to get started on a project with you! Don’t forget to read more on our expert personalization services and styles. For further information like order quantities, be sure to contact us using the form at the bottom of the page.

Expert Personalization & Service

When it comes to customizing your paper shopping bags, the question often is, why should you invest in customization services? It’s easy; the answer is because you get a premium high quality shopping bag that is not available anywhere else.

Our eco-friendly paper bags are affordable and available for large bulk orders. Our custom paper bags effectively serve your branding purposes. Here are some popular treatments and materials to choose from:

We offer a bold array of custom details such as decorative handles, biodegradable (eco-friendly) varnishes, spot UV, foil stamp or hot stamp, and a variety of textured papers to perfectly pair with your chosen treatments. Additionally, we can print your logos in full color and graphics along with matching any Pantone color. We can even print your logo or graphics on any side gusset.

When choosing your materials, we offer a wide variety. We have a broad selection of custom art, kraft papers made from post-consumer waste, embossed, pearlized, beater dyed, and many other specialty papers for you to choose from. Any of these materials will create the perfect shopping bag whether you run a small business, are a large retail chain, or own a restaurant.

Finally, to complete your look, handles or ribbon closures can be added along with grommets or custom handle die cuts to further enhance your design. Handle material options include custom dyed pp non-woven, cotton, twill, grosgrain, ribbon, or satin.

Popular Styles Of Paper Bags

When it comes to your company, a paper bag speaks volumes about how your branding is portrayed. Creating the perfect paper bag gives you the opportunity to offer customers utility while putting your brand on full display in and out of the store. Here are some of our favorite styles to create for our customers:

  • Euro Totes: Euro totes are often used by higher-end retailers as their branded merchandise bags. Euro totes are easy to customize with designs and their branded logos. With custom handles and embellishments, they make great alternatives to the traditional retail shopping bag.
  • Food Service Bags: Food Service bags are specifically crafted to protect your carry-out or lunch containers in the food service industry. Often created from durable art papers, these bags comfortably hold and preserve the freshness of your meal.
  • Post-Consumer Waste Bags: With a rising concern for the environment, consumers and retailers alike want to be proactive in reducing their carbon footprint. Eco-friendly bags made with a percentage of post-consumer waste can help us all go green. Our bags can be recycled or even reused for other needs.

Paper Shopping Bag and Gift Bag Size Options

When creating a custom shopping bag, size is one of the most important aspects to consider. Whether you are looking for a standard size like a cub, vogue, or a unique size to fit your specialty products, all our paper bags can be custom-sized to fit your needs. However, the most popular bag sizes ordered are:

  • Cub: Cub-sized bags measure 8” w x 10” h x 4” d. This size is perfect for jewelry purchases, apparel items, or small housewares.
  • Debbie: Debbie-sized bags measure 10” w x 13” h x 5” d. This size is slightly larger and perfect for apparel items, gifts, or small to medium housewares.
  • Vogue: Vogue size bags measure 16” w x 12” h x 6” d. This size is one of the most popular extra-large sizes and is perfect for large apparel items, shoe boxes, or large houseware items.

Frequently Asked Questions

We offer a high-quality selection of paper shoppers and paper bag styles. The ultimate benefits of our bags are:

  • They are stylish and reusable that remain useful for a long time.
    Convenient, efficient, and cost-effective.
    Cost-effective and efficient brand promotion tools for your company.
  • Our bags can be customized from start to finish to meet the needs of each brand.
  • We offer bags that fit any brand, from high-end euro totes to recyclable, reusable kraft shopping bags. Use our bags as paper gift bags to wrap a branded gift.
  • Paper bags are an eco-friendly alternative to single-use plastic bags.
  • Our paper bags can meet bag restriction criteria in any city or state.

We do not charge upfront for full-color printing on our bags. Art charges will be factored into the final price. Since all of our paper bags are custom-made, our customers are required to fill out the quote sheet at the bottom of the page.

For us to create the perfect paper bag correctly and efficiently for your brand, we would need to have a brief description of the product along with the size and an order quantity to successfully fulfill your order. For our customers who are not looking for a large quantity, we do offer a minimum order quantity. We are excited to work with you to create a unique full-color paper shopping bag that fully meets your needs and budget.

When thinking about placing an order for shopping bags, it’s important to consider when your bags are needed. To receive your items on time, it’s important to approve and finalize your designs along with placing your order long before your packaging is needed. Production time is generally 14-16 weeks. For more information, please view our Terms and Conditions.

Since each order is custom-made, some extra padded time is needed to print, assemble, pack, and finally ship your shopping bags. Once your bags have shipped, they will either reach our warehouse to then be distributed to your places of retail or we will ship directly to the customer.

Before getting started, check out our Designer Tools page. On this page, you can find options for templates, common handles for bags, and our paper options. By using these tools along with our expertise, we will help you create a unique shopping bag to further your customer’s shopping experience. Many retailers use our resourceful designer tools to add artistic and detailed touches to their packaging.

With these tools, we present the opportunity for you to push the creative envelope to create the most unique and on-trend shopping bag possible. With custom packaging, your brand can serve as a unique conversation starter, mobile advertisement, or an eye-catching gift that will be exciting to open.

We offer two types of custom shopping bags: Euro totes and Kraft paper bags.

  • Euro totes: Considering the paper used to create our euro totes, they are not considered recyclable. Euro tote shopping bags are generally created with non-recyclable handles along with laminations (we offer soft touch, matte, or gloss laminations.) which are very popular choices when creating euro tote bags.
  • Brown or White Kraft: Our kraft shopping bags, on the other hand, are recyclable. We offer multiple types of kraft papers that are fully recyclable, are affordable to manufacture, and have a high paper strength. Our most popular types of kraft paper are brown kraft paper and white kraft paper. Our two most popular eco-friendly kraft paper types are FSC® papers and kraft papers made with a percentage of post-consumer waste. (The general percentage for our post-consumer waste content is 40-80%)

Once you have worked with us and placed your shopping bag order, if requested, we will send our customers pre-production samples for approval. Upon approval of the pre-production samples, the order will then go into full production. After production has been completed, we will also send you a series of samples. Finally, you will then receive your new products.

Paper Eurototes and natural kraft paper bags are a greater cost-effective option than single-use plastic bags. Packaging collections with custom bags have several benefits. First, packaging with paper bags is environmentally friendly. Next, we use lightweight papers to craft our bags for the affordable packing and shipping of our products.

Our custom paper bags benefit the environment while simultaneously promoting your business. Our bags are strong, flexible, and reusable. The bags are perfect for products of any type. Finally, you can reuse your brand’s paper shopping bags as gift bags. Gift wrapping is easy with the versatility of our euro totes or eco-friendly kraft shopping bags.

Use our bags for a variety of needs: Retail, events, gifting, food service, lunch bags, takeout bags, grocery bags, and more! Whether your bags are made of white paper, specialty papers or have twisted paper handles, or even ribbon handles, your new paper shoppers will be sure to fit perfectly into your everyday packaging collection.