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Prime Line Packaging is here to help you with all of your custom retail, promotional or product packaging needs. We have over 50 years experience manufacturing and importing customized packaging products. With our in-house creative team, our expertise manufacturing custom packaging for more than half a century and our warehouses strategically located throughout the US, we are able to help you with everything from concept through delivery and everything in-between.

Whether you are in the market for custom paper or plastic shopping bags, bags and pouches made of cotton, jute or other eco friendly or reusable fabrics, custom made boxes, garment bags or accessories, we can help you to create the beautiful packaging your desire.

You only get one chance to leave a lasting impression on your customers. Prime Line Packaging specializes in staying current with packaging trends to provide custom solutions designed to resonate with any audience. Packaging is one of the strongest points of contact between your brand, your product, and most importantly, your customers. We pride ourselves on being the first to market with innovative packaging breakthroughs.

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