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Add Subtle Elegance with Spot Varnish

spot varnish

Spot Varnish can be added to any eurotote in a design of your choice. These paper bags for About Faces show how packaging pieces don’t need to completely mirror each other in order to feel like its part of the same collection. While the front and backs of each bag are the same, each size has a different pop of color for the side panels. Overlaying the color is a slightly ghosted typographic pattern using the letters in the customer’s logo. The use of space and color on such a small area, creates an interesting visual, without being too overwhelming.

One unique feature of this collection, is the use of clear spot varnish throughout the bags. A texturized pattern is made from the placement of the spot varnish, which is a subtle feature that gives the bags a more sophisticated and elegant touch. The brand itself is upscale, so its luxury is translated into the packaging itself.

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