The jewelry packaging selections you offer to your customer extends your brand, through your logo, custom colors and style choices. Jewelry boxes, pouches, gift bags and other packaging also lends sophistication to the product, allowing your customer to be proud of their purchase. Proper jewelry packaging offers a “wow factor” when given to its new owner as a gift.

With custom printed jewelry boxes, you’re buying advertising space in your customer’s home. As they keep their jewelry packaging for sentimental reasons, practical storage needs or travel use, your company’s name appears time and time again. Jewelry pouches and bags can be constructed from a variety of materials such as cotton, PPNW, paper, felt, velvet, organza, and linen, making them ideal for traveling and storage.

When designing your jewelry boxes, custom jewelry inserts can be added as well. Some common insert styles for necklace boxes, bracelet boxes, earring boxes, ring boxes and pendant boxes could be found in our designer tools section of our website.

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Contact our team and we will work with you to assemble the perfect package for your business needs.