Custom Garment Bags & Suit Travel Bags

Enhance your customer’s experience by providing custom garment bags and suit bags to protect your valuable products such as suits, bridal shower and bachelorette dresses, wedding dresses, gowns, coats, t-shirts, trade show attire, and more.

Making an expensive and memorable purchase, such as a suit or wedding dress, requires an extra layer of protection from the elements, dust, and stains during transport and storage. To take better care of your customers’ new purchases, providing them with a high-quality, custom garment bag will not only protect the clothing but also promote your brand. Durable, reusable garment bags are always a best seller.

At Prime Line Packaging, you can customize garment bags and suit bags with your custom logo and brand colors to fully represent your business’s personality while upgrading your customers’ experience.

Sending your customers home with a high-quality, reusable garment travel bag to keep their new purchases safe during travel and storing it in the closet is a great way to fortify your brand and prove that you care about your customers. They are an effective and appreciated alternative to standard shopping bags and backpacks.

We offer a variety of materials, including poly on-a-roll plastic, pvc, cotton, vinyl, laminated and non-laminated pp non-woven, rPET (made from recycled water bottles) and more. Creating your garment bags out of these heavy duty materials creates a high-end shopping experience. Add your logo to further personalize the garment bags as promotional tote bags for your business with our expert design services to promote your brand.

Personalized Garment Bags for Travel & Personal Use

Promoting your business is important when creating brand awareness. Elements like these are an essential key to successfully acquiring new customers while retaining previous ones. One subtle yet extremely effective way to do this is with personalized gifts, giveaways, promotional products, and most importantly, creating custom deluxe garment bags for your customers.

Providing a protective, high-quality, and reusable garment bag sporting your logo to customers allows you to freely and effectively advertise your brand. Onlookers will become aware of your brand as your customers use the custom garment bag. A Custom garment cover is essential to travel with; whether it is right after purchase or going to the dry cleaners.

Your customers will greatly appreciate the upscale experience of receiving complimentary protective custom garment bags and heavy duty travel shoppers to keep their new purchases free of stains, dust, and damage.

For a more personal touch, customize your brand’s garment bags with a monogram. Your brand’s logos or graphics will exceed expectations and provide a unique upscale experience. Branded garment bags are the perfect promo items for new products for your clothing brand.

Expert Personalization & Service

Work with our creative design experts to fully customize your promotional clothes bag to perfectly reflect your brand’s personality.

When you work with Prime Line Packaging, you can expect dedicated and personalized assistance to help you bring your ideas to life in the form of a custom garment bag.

We understand how important branding is for your business. When you consult with a Prime Line Packaging expert team member, you can count on high-quality one-on-one service.

Need some advanced design techniques? We’ve got you covered! Speak to one of our design experts for professional assistance to create the perfect bag for your business.

Premium Garment Bag Style Options

Not all garment bags are made the same. Finding the perfect foldable garment bag style to fit your business’s aesthetic is essential for providing an upscale experience to your customers.

Prime Line Packaging understands just how important it is to find the perfect garment bag to package your product. We offer a variety of styles to choose from to achieve the ideal reusable bag to represent your brand.

Choose from one of the following garment bag styles to start your custom order:

  • Bridal Garment Bag
  • PPNW Garment Ba
  • Monogram Garment Bag
  • Holographic Garment Bag
  • PEVA Garment Bag
  • Garment Bags with Gusset
  • Poly On-a-Roll Garment Bags
  • Vinyl Garment Bag
  • PP Non Woven Garment Bag
  • Zippered Garment Bag
  • Polypropylene Garment Bag
  • Meridian Garment bags

And More!

Made from high-quality, durable material, these custom garment bags will keep men’s and women’s clothing wrinkle-free, protected and simplify traveling with important garments such as wedding dresses, gowns, suits, and more. All while promoting your brand.

Garment Bag Customization Options

There is no limit to creativity and garment bag customization at Prime Line Packaging. We will make your vision come to life to create the perfect garment bag that emulates your brand’s personality.

Through our simplified customization process, you’ll have your custom garment bag designed and ordered in just a few easy steps.

Start by choosing your garment bag style and material. We provide options from reusable synthetic materials such as PPNW, RPET, EVA, PEVA, and natural fabrics like heavy cotton canvas, linen, and vinyl.

Next, design your garment bags with your brand’s logo or monogram. We offer full-color printing and can match any Pantone color, whether it’s metallic or coated.

Further embellish your garment bags for any event and beyond. Add handles, custom zipper pulls, window pockets, grommets, and custom piping for complete personalization. To create a well-designed packaging collection, add matching shopping totes, custom canvas tote bags, drawstring bags, and more. We can help you create a unique and cohesive brand.

Custom Garment Bag Ordering Process

It’s never been easier to order custom garment bags for your business. With our easy to use designer tools, and helpful sales and design team, we can help you design and customize your garment bags.

Choose your garment bag style, select your design and embellishments, and choose the quantity you would like to purchase. Please keep in mind that we do have a minimum order quantity requirement.

Our team will get to work quickly and efficiently to quote and help you design your custom bags in no time.

If you need extra assistance designing your bags, work one-on-one with our customization experts.

Frequently Asked Questions

The best material for eco-friendly, reusable garment bags includes cotton, vinyl, linen, polypropylene, and non-woven materials. These are high-quality, durable, and reusable. Creating convenience for your customers while leaving a positive impact on the environment.

Whether you are traveling with your valuable clothing items or need an easy way to store them in your home, garment bags offer plenty of protection to keep your clothing fresh and wrinkle-free.

When kept in a protective garment bag, your clothing is safe from dust, mold, liquid, dirt, and potential stains during travel and storage.

You can confidently transport or store your wedding dress, gowns, coats, tuxedos, and suits in Prime Line Packaging’s protective and durable garment bags.

Yes! We understand how stressful it is when you run a business and are in need to get your garment bags and suit bags designed and delivered.

Our shipping process gets your custom garment bags to you safe and secure – without sacrificing quality and professionalism.

The best way to pack clothes in a garment bag is to hang them on a sturdy hanger and place them in the bag. Clothing items are most secure and protected when there is a zipper on the bag.

Hanging your clothing on a hanger and placing them in a garment bag will keep them wrinkle-free and provide an easy way to store at home in your closet or transport them while traveling.

While both products are eco-friendly options for business owners and customers and offer convenient methods to transport items, there is a large difference between garment bags and tote bags.

A garment bag is specifically made to store and transport clothing items on a hanger, such as a wedding dress, suit, coat, gown, dress, and more. It often comes with a zipper in the front to better protect the garment inside too.

A tote bag is a large bag with two shoulder straps, often made of canvas or cotton. Usually, they are not big enough to fit a garment without having to fold it, which can create creases and wrinkles.

Yes! After designing your custom garment bag with the help from our skilled sales team and online design tools, and once your order has been placed, we will send you a sample of the garment bag to ensure it represents your vision and has been customized how you like it.

We understand how important it is to have the perfect custom garment bag to represent your business. So, before ordering your garment bags, we’ll send you a pre-production sample to approve the design. Once approval of the sample has been given, the project will move to production.

Once you have submitted your design and custom garment bag order, it will take between 14-16 weeks for production and delivery.

At Prime Line Packaging, we guarantee professionalism and efficiency while producing your high-quality, custom garment bags to get them to you as fast as possible.