Case Study:
Revolutionizing Wedding Ring Shopping with Marke’s Innovative Ring Box Packaging

Revamping their packaging for their customers, Marke decided to add Groom and Bride jewelry boxes to hold their rings. While a new corrugated box shipper is accompanying each delivery, assuring the goods arrive safely.

About Our Client

Marke, started by three siblings, was found after the two brothers saw a lack of jewelry-buying experience for men. The three created the brand to make simple styles, heirloom-quality metals, and a shopping experience that’s easy and enjoyable. It all started with wedding bands for men, which soon added womens to their portfolio.

Key Objectives

Streamlined unisex jewelry boxes for grooms and brides, crafted for brand consistency and durability across multiple shipments, ensuring arrival in perfect condition for the special day.

About Our Approach

  • Familiar Faces: Working with Marke for a new design on an old favorite was a welcomed project. Knowing what materials that were expected and quality for this customer, we knew exactly where to start.
  • Minimal Change: Marke’s design and marketing team had a clear vision for the refresh of their jewelry and shipping boxes. They approached our team with concepts for subtle yet effective updates in color and print, while maintaining the existing design. This clarity made it simple to envision the outcome and the significant impact these packaging enhancements could have.
  • Sampling Makes Perfect: Even minimal art revisions and slight modifications to a legacy design underscore the importance of prototyping. For Marke, creating samples was crucial to evaluate the effectiveness of new foil printing and color schemes, and to decide if further updates were needed prior to mass production.
  • Reducing and Reusing: Marke’s commitment to sustainability is evident through their multi-use packaging at both the corporate and consumer levels. From the returnable jewelry boxes available to customers during the selection process, to the durable corrugated shipping boxes, and the attractively crafted final packaging for the chosen ring, Marke caters to the environmentally aware shopper.
  • Quality Delivered: From the beginning of production to the shipment of the final carton, our process is a testament to our commitment to surpass expectations, guaranteeing that our customers enjoy the highest quality products. We conduct thorough quality inspections and adhere to strict delivery timelines, showcasing our devotion to excellence in every box we deliver for Marke.

Prime Line was thrilled to contribute to their packaging endeavors once again. Witnessing the brand’s strategy to broaden their customer reach was inspiring. The refined design updates, featuring elegant gold and black foiling alongside beautiful neutral hues, made this collaboration a delightful experience, as expected.

Step by Step Details

With each step when the customer is trying on and ordering their wedding rings with Marke, instructions are available. The interior of each corrugated shipping box has each step laid out, in graphics and words, easy to see and read.

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