A beautifully customized box speaks volumes about what’s inside. Whether you’re in the market for a gift box, shoe box, apparel box, or even a jewelry box, we have just the skill set to create a custom box that your customer will be excited to open.

A custom gift box has a broad range of possibilities. At Prime Line, our team will work closely with you throughout each step of the design and creation process to make your ideas come to life.

First we will work with you to figure out what type of box construction best suits your product. Whether it is a rigid box for extra protection or a folding style box to minimize cost and reduce storage space, we work side-by-side throughout the process to make sure you and your product get what you need. We offer a wide range of custom construction options including 2 piece, collapsible rigid, simplex, drawer style and 1 pc. style with flap and magnet closure.

The next step is to choose the materials you would like your custom box to be made of. You will be able to hand-pick your materials from the board type and thickness to the paper and fabric it’s wrapped in. After you’ve picked your desired paper or textile, it’s time to choose your finish. We offer gloss, matte, and soft touch lamination, varnish, and of course, you can always leave your box unfinished for a more natural look. To complete your look,  we offer an array of special finishing touches from hot stamping, UV, embossing, and ribbons to take your custom box to the next level.

The final step is to figure out the sizing of your custom box and the inserts you may need inside. We create custom boxes and inserts to fit products of any size. Our inserts range from paper board and foam to plastic vacuform that both protects and displays your product. We pride ourselves in providing custom boxes that ensure a safe transit for its product; our corrugated boxes are the ideal containers to ship your products in. Give your customers the full experience by designing something that showcases your brand identity.

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Contact our team and we will work with you to assemble the perfect package for your business needs.