Case Study:
High-Quality Packaging with a Low Impact on the Environment for Zeal Optics Eyewear

Zeal Optics makes sure you know they are more than an eyewear company. Given their passion for reducing their products’ environmental footprint and giving back to the places they love to explore, it made perfect sense for them to create a gift box and gift card holder that reflected these values.

About Our Client

Zeal Optics builds high-quality eyewear for people who live for the outdoors and adventure. But, that’s only just a portion of their company. They focus on these simple three beliefs; Use Less, Give Back, Explore More.

Key Objectives

Creating a gift card holder & eyewear gift box, that would be able to keep all items inside secure, without the use of magnets or glue, using only board and paper items, so it was 100% recyclable and eco-friendly.

About Our Approach

  • Using Less: Zeal Optics believes the only good footprint is the one that disappears with the next rain. When they approached Prime Line Packaging, their vision was clear: to create a 100% recyclable box and gift card holder using only paper. This meant no magnets, no excess adhesive, and no liner waste. Even the gift card would be made of paper. To ensure the box remained closed and its contents protected, a kraft sleeve was designed, embodying both functionality and sustainability.
  • The Right Source: Again, as we maintain strong relationships with our numerous vendors, we were confident in our ability to offer Zeal the best sustainably sourced materials. Finding the right papers that met all criteria was essential when creating this box and cardholder. With some creative input from both companies’ art teams and our trusted factory, we knew we made the right choices to move forward.
  • Giving Back: After testing several samples, we confidently presented Zeal with a prototype that perfectly met their expectations. With all the components in place, their vision seamlessly came to life, creating a comprehensive packaging experience that delighted both our customer and their future consumers.
  • In the Details: We understand, to most looking at a box like this, it’s unnoticeable. The hidden magnets or when you must peel tabs to stick corners when making your box. But all of that counts towards waste. That’s why Zeal’s details of a kraft brown sleeve to skip the magnets, or the paper tabs inside the box to pop out the glass case or to open the gift card holder, were all so important to our customer. It was these details that helped make their box 100% recyclable.
  • Experience the Goods: Our team worked tirelessly from concept to the final carton’s delivery, as always. This process reflects our commitment to not just meet but exceed expectations. Prime Line Packaging wants to ensure every customer receives only top-quality goods. Through thorough quality checks and prompt delivery schedules, our dedication to Zeal Optic’s packaging is evident in each eyewear gift box delivered.

Prime Line Packaging has crafted numerous gift card holders and multi-panel boxes over the years. Collaborating with Zeal Optics provided an opportunity to create not only a stunning gift box for their products, but also an item that conveys the same powerful environmentally sound message from both companies.

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gift card holder, eco friendly recyclable, zeal optics
gift card holder, eco friendly, kraft box, kraft paper, recyclable
Gift Card holder, kraft paper, eco friendly, recyclable,

Less is More!

Taking out the magnet closures, replacing the ribbon tabs with paper, using only responsibly sourced paper, and creating a natural kraft sleeve to secure the box closed were small but impactful details. Less is more – and better for the environment. 

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