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Certified in Responsibly Sourced Packaging

Prime Line Packaging is proud to be FSC® Certified. But what exactly does that designation mean? The FSC® is the Forest Steward Council®. They are the organization which sets the standards for responsible forest management. For an FSC® certification, companies need to participate in a rigorous accreditation process to assure in the highest standard of ethics. In the past 15 years, over 200 million acres in over 70 countries have been managed and protected by FSC® whose goal is to “meet the social, economic, ecological, cultural and spiritual needs of present and future generations” through responsible resource management.

Being FSC® certified demonstrates the company is in compliance with the strict social and environmental standards of the Council. The certification requires several responsibilities:

  • Follow all legal verifications and follow all applicable laws
  • Show long-standing proper use of land and local environment
  • Reduce the environmental effects of logging and foresting
  • Respect the rights of the forest workers and local communities

Make special considerations for unique areas and situations, such as cultural significance or endangered plants and animals. By purchasing FSC® labeled products you can be assured of the responsible actions of the supplier in the production process.

FSC® certification packaging from Prime Line Packaging:

  • Preserves the habitat of countless birds and animals, maintaining their natural environment
  • Participates in ecologically sound oversight, assuring forest management practices are continually improved
  • Addresses the needs and rights of forest workers and the communities indigenous to the area

FSC® certification assures that you have done your part to choose an eco-friendly product.

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