Case Study:
Taking on the Holidays with Anthropologie’s Greener Approach to Bubble Mailers

Recognizing the growing need for Eco-friendly packaging, Anthropologie proposed creating a better mailer, one that would not only meet their logistical needs but also align with their environmental ethos.

About Our Client

Anthropologie has always been known as a unique shopping destination, with an assortment of clothing, shoes, accessories, furniture, and more. “Anthro” is in constant connection with the creative community and keeps those individuals who prioritize self expression always in the forefront of their brand.

Key Objectives

Create a better and greener bubble mailer, by making the interior bubble padding entirely out of reclaimed material, which would turn their bubble mailers into 100% recycled content and also recyclable.

About Our Approach

  • Start at the Source: Anthropologie was looking for a greener solution to their padded, bubble mailer. After years of successful collaboration, they approached us to find the right source that not only had the correct material, but also top quality.
  • Creatives Collaborate: A full packaging plan was in place for Anthro’s holiday limited run. From paper shoppers, to reusable totes, these mailers were the last piece of the puzzle. Their design team shared their unique artwork, letting our own creatives do their magic to make sure it would be represented on each mailer as it was envisioned.
  • What the Samples Show: Taking this step very seriously, we were able to test the recycled materials of the mailers and see how well the artwork would print, enabling us to make the necessary adjustments to printing. This also gave us all a chance to see the incredible strides we’ve made in developing sustainable products.
  • Sustainability Commitment: Anthropologie’s dedication to creating environmentally conscious packaging mirrored our own. As such, special attention was given to ensure that our packaging solutions were crafted from sustainable resources, offering eco-friendly quality and excellence.
  • Delivering in Excellence: Through production until shipment of the final carton, this last process embodies our commitment to not only meet but exceed expectations, ensuring that every customer receives nothing short of top-quality goods. With meticulous quality checks and prompt delivery schedules, our dedication to Anthropologie’s packaging is reflected in each mailer delivered.

Prime Line has worked with Anthropologie for a few years now and we are always excited to receive a new challenge, especially when it has to do with new greener materials. With them, we find we get to test a lot of new eco fabrics since they are always trying new ways to get a green story to their consumers.

Post-Industrial Details

The inner cushioning, or “bubbles”, is crafted from 100% post-industrial waste (PIW). PIW refers to waste material gathered during the manufacturing process, repurposed into new material rather than being discarded directly into landfills.

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