Case Study:
Turning to the Mystics to Create the Perfect Tarot Deck and Box for Awe Inspired

In a new age we all go, sotme try to redefine their future, while others try to redefine their packaging experience. Collaborating with us, Awe embarked on a journey to make the perfect Goddess tarot deck and box duo.

About Our Client

Awe Inspired is a high-quality jewelry brand that focuses on empowering femininity while unleashing one to discover and express their own unique Awe. With over 3 decades of jewelry manufacturing experience, all their items are crafted from the finest materials, precious metals and ethically sourced gemstones.

Key Objectives

To help create an unpacking experience, ensuring that each tarot card deck mirrors the quality, design, and message of the jewelry they are known for.

About Our Approach

  • Design Collaboration: Our journey began with intensive design sessions, working together with Awe’s design team. This close collaboration ensured that the packaging vision aligned perfectly with the brand’s ideas and goals.
  • Sourcing Superiority: With a design blueprint in place, our focus shifted to material sourcing. We worked with one of our best vendors, picking the best finishes, ensuring that the packaging not only looked premium but also performed well and stayed within budget for the customer.
  • Customization at Its Core: Every design element, from color palettes to soft touch finishes, was customized. This ensured a truly unique unboxing experience, resonating with Awe’s brand values.
  • Prototyping Excellence: Post design and customization period -and with a very tight time frame allowance – our usual sampling phase was not in the cards for us (not a common occurrence). Since this vendor knows Awe’s brand well by doing all their packaging with us since the beginning, there was a lot of trust. We were able to use constant communication and images to allow any tweaks and problem solving to occur, ensuring the finished product was exactly what Awe envisioned.
  • Unwavering Quality: As the production phase ended, rigorous quality checks were implemented. From the initial design to the final product, every step underwent scrutiny, guaranteeing that each box and card would fit Awe’s reputation.

Collaboration with Awe Inspired was and always is something Prime Line looks forward to. Their brand resonance in their packaging are some of our favorites that we get to work on. The Goddess Tarot Card Box is our trip into a different area we’ve never gone as a company, and we’re excited for it!

The art of detail

Using soft touch on the exterior box allows a silky luxurious feeling at first touch. While the gold foiling on the interior cards emphasizes the intricate patterns and textures of the Goddesses and other tarot symbols on the deck.

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