Bubble mailers are simple, budget-friendly packaging materials. With the increase in online shopping, custom bubble mailers are the go-to option for packaging. Amid the growing ban on plastic, these poly wraps are recyclable and environmentally friendly. The poly wraps are affordable, easy to use, and eco-friendly.

Bubble wraps have many more advantages as well, which are detailed below. Keep reading to find out more.

Reusable & recyclable.

Custom printed poly bubble mailers are reusable and can be recyclable. They are made of high-quality material to create excellent packaging material. As long as the air bubbles are intact, the wrap can be reused for your packing or shipping needs. If you prefer recycling plastic packages, then custom bubble mailers are a must-have. Bubble wraps are an eco-friendly material that keeps your products safe. They are easy to use, lightweight, and affordable packaging solutions.

Perfect for custom packaging.

Custom bubble mailers protect your products. When you package an item with custom printed bubble mailers, they protect your items and promote your business. If you want to wrap your product, choose big bubble wraps, and then print your logo on them. One advantage to custom mailers is they can be cut in any shape or size to perfectly fit your product. Printed bubble mailers are popular with big brands. Many companies use bubble mailers for their premium items like skincare oils, clothes, and anything that needs protection in a bubble wrap. Custom printed poly bubble mailers are a great marketing strategy whether you ship locally or nationally. High-quality bubble wrap makes a massive difference in your packaging and protecting your products, so use the best wrap from Prime Line Packaging.

Does the job well

Custom bubble mailers are the best at protecting your items from harsh impact. Bubble mailers reduce the chances of damage during shipping because your products are protected by cushioned pockets of air. The air-filled bubbles absorb the impact so your item stays intact. The bubble mailer provides a cushioning effect to keep your product safe.

Custom poly bubble mailers come in different sizes and wholesale options. If the item of your parcel is small, choose a bubble mailer with smaller, tiny bubbles. The opposite is true as well. If your product is large, choose a bubble mailer with larger bubbles. Keep your customers happy by protecting their products and shipping with bubble mailers.