Show Your Brand’s Fashion Forward Style with Custom Reusable Bags!

Consumers love reusable shopping bags for their longevity, and you’ll love them as a long lived source of advertising for your unique brand. Whether you are looking to create a customized cotton tote bag, a cotton muslin shopping bag, a reusable non woven shopping bag, or a shopping bag style all your own, you can choose from the hippest, most sought-after materials that speak to your brand.

Our shopping bags are fully customizable and can be ordered in any shape or size desired. Some synthetic materials you can make your reusable bag out of include: Polypropylene Non-Woven (PPNW), tyvek, felt, vinyl, nylon, nylon mesh, polyester, velvet, organza, EVA, and PEVA. For a greener and more natural bag, materials such as: cotton, cotton muslin, linen, bamboo, and jute can be used instead. Our natural fabric shopping bags can be custom dyed, washed, have decorative printing, stitching, and embroidery.Once you have selected the size and material you wish to use for your bag, you can choose the style of bag that best makes a bold brand statement: totes, pouches, fold-a-totes, drawstring bags, rope handle shoppers, t-shirt, and die-cut bags or even garment bags.

Our designers are experts in taking your ideas and translating them into a true work of “reusable” art!

Most customers have moved online so a business cannot grow without investing in digital marketing techniques. Yet, it is important to remember the basics. Promoting your business by using printed marketing material is still important. You need shopping bags to pack and deliver the customer’s purchase. Use shopping bags that have your name, logo, and other business identity printed on them. We offer custom reusable shopping bags, canvas shopping bags, and reusable tote bags.

One reusable canvas shopping bag promotes your brand every time your customer uses it. It is an affordable and effective way to reach people, build your brand, and increase your profits.


To grow and create your corner of the market, you need brand awareness and brand recognition. Branding gives you a competitive advantage. Promotional reusable shopping bags are walking ads. Strategically print your brand’s identity on the bags.


Customers carrying your custom reusable shopping bags give you free exposure. The bags are walking billboards that your customers carry as they go about their day. These bags have the potential to get the attention of hundreds of people.

Company’s Image 

Every business needs a good image. Reusing, reducing and recycling can save our environment. Customers prefer to work with a business that cares about the well-being of our planet. Promoting your brand as eco-friendly builds your brand image and trust.


Our reusable shopping bags are made with durable materials and feature strong handles. We customize shopping bags of different sizes for all types of businesses. Your customers can carry a variety of goods in our reusable shopping bags.


Reusable shopping bags are an affordable to get your brand in front of thousands of eyes every day. See all the fabric reusable shopping bags we offer at Prime Line Packaging. 

Theory reusable fabric totes

Cotton Canvas Totes for Retail

custom pouches for retail stores

top quality garment bags


Contact our team and we will work with you to assemble the perfect package for your business needs.