Custom Corrugated Boxes & Packaging

Creating packaging for your e-commerce business has never been easier. With just a few keystrokes, research into best-selling products, and setting up your online business, you will find yourself fulfilling hundreds of orders every day.

While most e-commerce business is done right online, there is the physical aspect that may go overlooked. Having branded packaging for your e-commerce business could elevate your business’s reputation.

How do you achieve this? By shipping your products in custom corrugated boxes and packaging.

When your customer receives their order, they will instantly know it is from your e-commerce store, thanks to your brand’s custom corrugated boxes.

When shipping your products in high-quality custom corrugated cardboard boxes, you not only create an elevated unboxing experience for your customer, but you also create a unique opportunity to advertise your business. As the package goes through multiple handlings at the post office and sits on your customer’s doorstep, you’ll build brand awareness as onlookers notice and recognize your brand.

With cost-effective custom corrugated boxes and packaging, your products will stand out from the rest of the traditional brown shipping boxes. Packaging your custom products in creative packaging positions your brand above the rest.

If you thought starting your e-commerce business was easy, just wait until you learn how simple it is to design your custom corrugated boxes. Place your order with the packaging specialists at Prime Line Packaging today!

Exceed Customer Expectations with Personalized Corrugated Boxes

When your customer receives product boxes from your e-commerce store, you want them to have a pleasant unboxing experience. They’ve been patiently waiting for their order and actively checking the transit time. Keep up this enthusiasm from the time your customers submit their orders to the time they open their custom corrugated boxes and see your products carefully placed inside.

While ordering products online, many customers will expect to receive a standard mailer or cardboard box shipped to their homes. By designing and crafting the perfect custom corrugated box to ship your products in, you will exceed their expectations.

Creating a pleasant customer experience by providing high-quality packaging and creating a fun unboxing event will elevate your brand and boost its reputation. It will also result in return customers and favorable reviews.

Expert Personalization and Customer Service

When you order your custom corrugated cardboard boxes from Prime Line Packaging, you can expect to receive beautifully crafted packaging and excellent customer service. We are your one-stop shop for all your packaging solutions!

Our team of sales and design experts is available to help you create the perfect corrugated boxes and mailers to represent your brand. From designing and constructing your cartons, you can count on dedicated professionalism every step of the way.

We are here to walk you through the customization and the ordering process. With a straightforward approach, your order will be designed and placed in a matter of a few days.

Custom Corrugated Boxes & Packaging Styles

No matter the size or type of product you sell, Prime Line Packaging has corrugated boxes and mailers to ship them worldwide safely.

With a variety of mailer box styles, you can find the perfect packaging to represent your brand while creating an exciting unboxing experience for your customers.

  • Choose from the following boxes and packaging styles below:
  • Corrugated Shipping Box
  • Custom Printed Shipping Envelope
  • Resealable Web Box
  • Regular Slotted Container
  • b-flute boxes
  • e-flute boxes

Made from high-quality and durable eco-friendly cardboard material, these shipping boxes will withstand the delivery system rush while protecting your products until it arrives safely at your customers’ doorsteps.

Corrugated Box Customization Options

When you design and order corrugated boxes for your business from Prime Line Packaging, you have a wide variety of customization options. So, it accurately represents your brand’s personality and message.

First, choose a shipping box style and custom size from a variety of corrugated materials and thicknesses.

Next, customize the recyclable cardboard material with a wide selection of treatments and inserts to comfortably hold the products.

Finally, design your custom corrugated box with our printing options, including embossing, matte or gloss laminations, hot stamping, or spot UV. We can also design the box’s interior with a selection of special treatments for further personalization. You can also add your brand’s slogan and other details to fully personalize your shipping box.

Further, embellish your custom mailer boxes with inserts to better organize your product packaging and keep your products secure.

Create thousands of different versions of your business’s corrugated boxes and retail packaging with various customization options.

Stress-Free Ordering Process

It’s never been easier to order custom corrugated boxes for your business with Prime Line Packaging’s online process.

In just a few simple steps, your custom corrugated packaging will be sent off for printing.

  1. Contact us through our “Request a Quote” form
  2. Complete the customization questionnaire
  3. Consult with our sales representatives and design experts
  4. Work with us to design the perfect custom printed box or mailer. Use our Design Tools or work one-on-one with our designers
  5. Approve the design
  6. Purchase your order via credit card or online payment

Through the one-on-one ordering process, you can rest assured that your corrugated box design is perfect and up to your standards that meet your packaging needs. There’s no risk of making a design mistake when you work with Prime Line Packaging!

Frequently Asked Questions

Before ordering your customized corrugated boxes, you’ll find answers to some of our frequently asked questions.

Yes, if you have the artwork for your custom corrugated box ready for print, you can submit your files to us directly.

For the highest quality printing, we require all files to be in vector format and saved as an Illustrator (.AI) or PDF file. We do accept JPG files. However, they must be high-resolution.

Prime Line Packaging uses a die-cut design for our corrugated cardboard boxes. So, only one piece of cardboard is used to construct your customized corrugated boxes.

Not only does a die-cut design make it easier to store your corrugated boxes, but it’s easier to customize and assemble before shipping and will not take up too much space in storage.

Your number one goal as an e-commerce business owner is to ship your products safely in protective packaging to your customers. You also want to create an elevated customer experience and unboxing event while advertising your brand and boosting your reputation.

The best way to do this is by shipping your products in custom corrugated boxes. These shipping boxes will keep your products secure during transit, especially when you use specialty inserts to perfectly package your products.

With your brand’s logo custom printed on the exterior of the box and sporting your brand’s colors, you will boost brand awareness and have a unique advantage in advertising your business.

Are you ready to order and receive your personalized packaging boxes for a special event or holiday season? Prime Line Packaging has got your back!

While we do not offer expedited processing and shipping, we do offer recommendations for when you should place your orders, so they arrive on time. For example, if you need your custom packaging for the holiday season, we encourage businesses to place their orders in the early spring.

It will take between 14 and 16 weeks to design and ship your custom corrugated boxes. We offer expedited processing and shipping on your custom order so you can have your custom corrugated boxes just in time.

There is a minimum quantity of 2,000 corrugated boxes (5,000 if you order internationally). You can order as few or as many personalized corrugated boxes as your business requires within these quantities.

Prime Line Packaging is proud to accommodate businesses of all sizes.

However, when you order your custom-printed boxes in bulk, you will get more value from your purchase to meet all of your packaging needs.

Yes, we offer professional graphic design services to help you craft the perfect custom corrugated box or mailer.

Not everyone has an artistic touch, but that shouldn’t stop you from having personalized, high-quality shipping boxes for your business.

Work one-on-one with our design experts to craft the perfect corrugated box to fully encompass what your brand represents. From choosing the right box style to the material to figuring out logo placement, we will help you every step of the way.

Due to delayed shipping times, we highly encourage our customers to plan and place their orders well before they are needed. Take into consideration the 14 to 16-week turnaround time when placing your order too.

For example, if your business needs custom corrugated boxes for the holiday season, we recommend placing your order in early spring.

For more information, please see our Terms and Conditions.

Upgrade Your Business and Customer Experience with Custom Corrugated Boxes

Build your brand’s reputation and enhance your customer’s experience when you package your products in a custom corrugated box.

Boasting your brand’s logo custom printed on durable, high-quality material, you will impress your customer and create an experience when they open their package.

Create the perfect design by choosing the right box style for your business, material finish, color, closure, and embellishments to perfectly emulate your brand’s personality with luxury packaging. With the help of our design experts and endless customization options, we’ll craft a box that echoes your message.

Consult a design expert and start your project today!

Please allow at least one business day for a design expert to respond to your request with a custom quote.