Custom Gift Card Holders & Sleeves

Sometimes finding the perfect gift for a loved one or friend is more difficult than your customer may have thought. To accommodate your customers who are buying gifts, offering gift cards redeemable at your business can help give the perfect gift.

Elevate your customer’s and gift receiver’s experience by packaging your brand’s gift card in a custom gift card holder, folded card style holder, or sleeve. Even though it’s easy to hand over a plastic gift card to the recipient in a greeting card as a gift — it isn’t memorable.

When you design and customize gift card holders to match your brand’s aesthetic and present your logo, receiving a gift card is an exciting experience.

Building your business’s reputation as a sophisticated brand through the use of thoughtfully designed gift card holders shows customers that you value their patronage. Gift card holders designed by Prime Line Packaging are versatile enough to hold everything from standard business cards to hotel keys, key tags, and more.

Designing and ordering your gift card holders with Prime Line Packaging is made simple. Our dedicated team of design experts helps you craft the perfect gift card holder and sleeve to represent your brand’s personality while elevating the customer experience.

Elevate Your Brand’s Customer Experience with Gift Card Holders

How many times have you received a gift card tucked away in a greeting card for your birthday? While grateful for the gift, you probably missed out on the unwrapping experience. Because it was not in a branded gift card holder, you may not remember the brand of the gift card you received.

As a business owner selling gift cards, you want to be memorable and stand out. One way to do so is by packaging your gift cards in elegant customized holders, booklets, and sleeves.

Rather than only handing over a plastic gift certificate, you can create an elevated customer experience when someone receives a gift card from your store. They will have the memory of untying a soft silk ribbon or unboxing a luxuriously crafted box to reveal a thoughtful gift card inside.

Expert Personalization & Customer Service

When you order your custom gift card holders and sleeves from Prime Line Packaging, you can expect to receive beautifully crafted packaging and excellent customer service.

Our team of sales and design experts is available to help you create the perfect gift card sleeves to represent your brand. From coming up with the design concept to choosing the right layout for your logo, you can count on dedicated professionalism.

We are here to walk you through your customization and ordering process. With a straightforward approach, you can have your order designed and placed in a matter of a few business days.

Custom Gift Card Holder Styles

Every brand and business has different goals and messages to send to its customers. One way to do this is through customized gift card sleeves, holders, and packaging.

When you design your custom gift card holders at Prime Line Packaging, choose from multiple styles to best represent your brand’s aesthetic.

Choose from the following gift card holder styles:

  • Folding Gift Card Holder
  • Card Stock Gift Card Sleeve
  • Custom Folding Gift Card Box
  • Receipt Holder
  • Drawer Gift Card Holder
  • Key Card Holder
  • Gift Card Envelopes
  • Business Card Holder

And more!

Finding the perfect gift card holder to present a gift certificate from your business is essential to create a memorable and lasting impression on your customers. When they see that you offer well-designed packaging to hold your gift cards and plastic business cards, they will place a higher value on your business’s reputation.

Custom Gift Card Holder Customization Options

The sky is the limit when it comes to customizing your brand’s gift card holder or sleeve!

Prime Line Packaging offers the best customization and printing options to create the perfect packaging to represent your brand.

We offer printing and treatment processes like hot stamping, decals, stickers, and embossing. We can match any Pantone color and print in 4 color process (CMYK). As a result, your gift card sleeve will be unique and stylish.

To begin the design process, first, choose the gift holder style. If you want to make a grand statement, you may consider a drawer holder or a box with a ribbon closure. For a different look, choose a kraft paper sleeve to tuck the gift card inside.

After choosing the style, next, choose the holder’s material. Prime Line Packaging offers a variety of materials, including kraft paper and card stock. Pair these materials with hot foil stamping, matte or gloss laminations, or custom printing. Add little details like die cuts and inserts into your holders for easy access to the gift card’s barcode.

Finally, design your gift card holders with your brand’s colors, logo, and aesthetic. We can create any custom shape for your gift card holder. Professionally print your logo on the holder with full-color printing, spot UV, foil stamping, and more.

Use our design templates or create your own. Order now! You can create many different versions of your business’s gift card holders with various customization options.

How to Order Personalized Gift Card Holders for Your Business

It’s never been easier to order personalized gift card holders for your business with Prime Line Packaging’s online process.

In just a few simple steps, your custom gift card sleeves and holders will be ready for production.

Have your gift card holder or sleeve style along with specs and order quantity ready

  1. Contact us through our “Request a Quote” form
  2. Complete the customization questionnaire
  3. Consult with our sales representatives and design experts
  4. Design the perfect gift card holder or sleeve with our Design Tool, or work one-on-one with our designers
  5. Approve the design
  6. Purchase your order via credit card or online payment

Through the one-on-one ordering process, you can rest assured that your gift card holder design is up to your standards. There’s no risk of making a design mistake when you work with Prime Line Packaging!

Frequently Asked Questions

Before ordering your customized gift card holders, you’ll find answers to some of our frequently asked questions.

Offering customers a unique gift card holder elevates their shopping and gift-receiving experience, therefore increasing your brand’s reputation and authority. When you offer high-quality packaging, you show your customers you care about their experience and want to provide only the best for them.

This care and attention encourage customers to return and continue to support your business.

Not only will your customer appreciate the extra luxury, but so will the person receiving the gift certificate. While they are receiving a valuable gift card, having the experience of opening a carefully crafted and designed gift card holder creates a lasting memory.

There is a minimum order quantity of 2,000 holders. Prime Line Packaging is proud to accommodate businesses of all sizes. However, when you order your custom gift card holders in bulk, you will get more value from your purchase.

Yes, if requested, we will send you samples of your custom gift card holders. These pre-production samples will be for you to check the art placement and correct materials. Once approved, the project will move into full production.

When you receive your sample gift card holder, you can request design changes for an extra charge, if necessary, before checkout.

Yes, we offer professional graphic design services to help you craft the perfect custom gift card holder or sleeve.

Not everyone has an artistic touch, but that shouldn’t stop you from having personalized, high-quality gift card holders for your business.

Work one-on-one with our design experts to craft the perfect gift card sleeve or holder to fully encompass what your brand represents. From choosing the right holder style to the material to logo placement, we will help you every step of the way.

Are you in need of personalized gift card holders for a special event or holiday season? Prime Line Packaging has got your back!

While we do not offer expedited processing and shipping, we do offer recommendations for when you should place your orders to have them in time for certain seasons. Our customers must place their orders at least 14-16 weeks ahead of time for on-time delivery.

Prime Line Packaging is proud to use eco-friendly and sustainable materials in our custom products.

We offer gift card holders made of high-quality kraft and card stock papers. Our materials are durable and attractive for businesses and customers alike.

You may want to embellish your gift card holder with various closures like satin ribbon or ties. For a more luxurious experience, choose a magnetic closure.

Due to delayed shipping times, we highly encourage our customers to plan and place their orders well before they are needed. Take into consideration the 14-16 week production time when placing your order.

For additional information, please see our Terms and Conditions.