Case Study:
Reinventing the Subscription Box with Nuuly's Online Clothing Rental Store

Once users of corrugated shipping boxes, Nuuly wanted to change their direction and find a more efficient and greener way to ship their subscribers their monthly clothing choices. Helping them find a way to create a softer case that not only gave more space for storage, but had a better impact on the environment, and fit their brand and style all together. 

About Our Client

Nuuly wanted to create a place where anyone could rent, or shop for clothing, trying something new every time. Creating the subscription rental service they provide, each customer is given the chance to try on, send back, or purchase clothing from brands and designers they offer monthly, as they choose.

Key Objectives

Develop a durable and reusable subscription box, that isn’t quite a box. Instead – make a soft, flexible, case of eco-friendly material that can withstand shipping clothes safely over and over, while looking stylish every time.

About Our Approach

  • Reinvention is Key: Nuuly had been offering their customers apparel rentals through a subscription box feature. They had noticed significant material waste as their boxes got damaged through shipping, as they tried to reuse as much as possible. They then aimed to design a more attractive, durable case using eco-friendly materials while reimagining the subscription box concept.
  • Know your Sources: By maintaining strong relationships with both this customer and our numerous vendors, we were confident in our ability to offer many options for Nuuly. Finding the right materials that meet all criteria is essential when creating a reusable shipper that is also soft and collapsible for storage. With some creative input from both companies’ art teams, we identified the best options available on the market.
  • Finding the Greener Side: From the outset, Nuuly emphasized the importance of sustainability in creating their new e-commerce packaging. Our strong relationships with vendors and our commitment to transparency in using sustainable materials and production processes are crucial. We know exactly where to source these materials and how to find the right suppliers. Through thorough research and factory audits, Nuuly was assured their new case was in the right hands.
  • Show the Details: If you examine these cases closely, you’ll notice customization throughout. Not only are there multiple sizes available (currently five and counting), but subtle branding is integrated everywhere. You’ll find colorful, branded zipper tape and interiors that help distinguish each size. The branded metal safety zippers ensure clothes arrive safely. Reflective exterior artwork makes the package visible even in the dark, among many other thoughtful features.
  • Delivered Goods: From the start of production to the shipment of the final carton, this process reflects our commitment to not just meet but exceed expectations. We want to ensure every customer receives only top-quality goods. Through thorough quality checks and prompt delivery schedules, our dedication to Nuuly’s packaging is evident in each case delivered.

Working on such a special item with Nuuly was a dream for Prime Line, as a company. Not only was it working on the ever-trending subscription box industry, but also finding a unique and eco-friendly way to deliver 100’s of reusable designer clothing to one of our loyal client’s customers.

NUULY detail image #1
NUULY detail image #2

All the Little Details

There is more to these soft cases than just what you see at first glance. Nuuly made sure these garment cases had details like reflective printing for easy finding at night. Or how each size is color-coded in their design inside and out. A top patch that makes it easy for shipping labels to peel off with no residue. And the locking zippers to secure the goods inside for transit.

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