Our Custom Printed Plastic Shopping Bags Offer Beauty and Durability

At Prime Line Packaging, our custom plastic shopping bag selection is limited only by your imagination. Whether you are looking for a restaurant take out bag, retail shopping bags, poly mailer bags or product packaging, our design team can help you to realize your vision. Our unique custom blended films, colors, handles and sizes can be mixed and matched in an infinite amount of different styles to bring your bag to life.

Best of all, our custom printed plastic shopping bags can be made 100% degradable. The convenience, strength, and versatility of a plastic bag can also be a “greener” choice for your company’s branding and for your customers to feel good about. We are EPI Certified and offer d2w®, both additives are designed to make polybags 100% degradable. For more info, please visit have the knowledge and expertise to help design your plastic shopping bags to be compliant with the vast and ever-changing landscape of regulations regarding their use.

Please see our plastic bag gallery below for some beautiful examples of our work.

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Contact our team and we will work with you to assemble the perfect package for your business needs.