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Don’t Let Your Ideas Be Boxed In


Don’t let your ideas be boxed in. Think outside the box with your packaging and make a product that truly represents your brand. Boxes are a sturdier alternative to bags and can be used and reused over time. You can make custom boxes for a variety of products, such as: gift card holders, mailers, jewelry, and apparel. Start the process of creating an on trend box by adding ideas from our list of Spring 2014 packaging trends.

There are an unlimited number of customization options that can be done in order to make a completely unique product. Both the interior and exterior of a box can be custom designed in a variety of ways, in order to make a more luxurious product. For example, it can have custom dies made in order to hold the contents better, be velvet flocked, custom printed, embossed, hot stamped, spot varnished, wrapped in fabric, and can be made out of a variety of materials, such as: custom textured, dyed, or laminated paper, plastic, and clear PET.

Custom Boxes do not have to be a square or rectangle. They can be made into any shape or size, so don’t limit yourself if you prefer something less traditional. The way the box closes, such as folding into itself or having a separate lid, can make all the difference in making your ordinary packaging extraordinary. For extra security and a more polished look, closures such as magnets, ribbons, and Velcro can be added.

For customized specialty boxes that will surely stand out from the crowd, ask us about what options are right for your next box project!

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