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jewelry packaging

jewelry packaging

Jewelry stores are one of the most expensive and luxurious places one can shop. If jewelry packaging looks cheap or unattractive, it sends a message about the values of the brand and the quality of their products. With something as posh as jewelry, you don’t want your customers to have the assumption that they aren’t getting their money’s worth for their purchases. Therefore, the elegance of a diamond ring or a gold necklace should be reflective in a jewelry store’s packaging.

There are so many options when it comes to this type of jewelry packaging that can be used in this industry, for example: paper bags, jewelry boxes and pouches. Bags are always a great option to have, because so much can be done to them in order to reflect how valuable your brand is. They can be hot stamped, screen printed, embossed, foiled, spot varnished, have a printed interior, grommeted, embroidered, and have custom printed handles in addition to a variety of other effects. To add an extra special touch to your bags, swap the standard handle for more upscale materials like: ribbons, rope, shoelace ties, and nylon.

Jewelry packaging customization options are not limited to bags. You don’t want expensive pieces rattling around unprotected. To make your brand unforgettable, have additional elements like boxes or pouches, which will help delicate jewelry stay in place and not got lost. Boxes can be made into any size or shape and can be customized in many ways, such as: die cuts to hold products, using spot uv, hot stamps, and embossing, in addition to using different types of paper, such as matte or laminated, to create the desired look you want to achieve.

Another great packaging item perfect for the jewelry industry are pouches. They can be made out of a myriad of materials, such as velvet, cotton, ppnw and muslin and can be enclosed with drawstring, zippers, snaps, buttons and flaps. Not only do pouches look beautiful, but they can be reused as keepsakes. A diamond may be forever, but there’s nothing quite as priceless as a reminder of your brand, forever keeping you in your customers’ minds. To complete your look and to keep your jewelry secure, our selection of common jewelry inserts can be custom fitted into your packaging of choice.

Keep valuable products safe and stylish in bags, custom boxes, and pouches. If want to add an elegant touch to your packaging, please contact us and we will make unique items that will protect your jewelry sales and reflect your upscale brand.

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