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Make Your Packaging Reflect Your Brand


If your business sells any kind of product, packaging will be needed for your customers to carry their purchases and to reflect your brand. Although plain bags are always an option, there is nothing that distinguishes where they came from. Items that reflect your brand are a great advertising tool, and are reflective of the company’s personality.

Paper shopping bags are an extremely versatile form of packaging because they can be as dressed up or as minimal as needed to achieve a desired look. From the type of paper used, to the special effects or added elements, the customization possibilities are endless with these shoppers. Bags can be a variety of thicknesses, in order to accommodate the contents it will hold. They can also be made out of many types of papers, such as: kraft, pearlized, recycled, textured, wood-free, laminated, matte, and glossy.

The choice in materials for your shopping bag is only the start of how you can make your bag truly representative of your brand identity. Many other special features can be added, such as: custom printing, hot stamping, spot varnish, embossment, printed interior, grommets, and die cuts. If you want to go a step further with your embellishments, give your bag an interesting handle that everyone will remember! Some great options include: paper twisted, rope, ribbon, cotton, woven, j-cut, and sewn on.

Why should you settle for something ordinary in your packaging when you could have something unique that really shows who your brand is? If you have an idea in mind for your next project, please contact us and have it your way: design services. 

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