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Meditate on Spa Packaging

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Spa atmospheres are very relaxing and can be quite serene. You can take the time out of your busy life and just reflect on yourself while you get a massage, facial, or other luxury treatment. In those moments of tranquility, you can indulge in the quiet and just mediate and focus on your own individual pleasure. Bring the experience home with you and relive your day out with items found in the bags or custom boxes from the spa.

All elements of the spa environment, including packaging, should play off of the peaceful mood. You don’t want the packaging to overpower the experience, but rather, to blend in seamlessly. Your bags and boxes should mirror the serene atmosphere of the spa.

Landscapes and other scenes from nature have a very calming effect on people, so it’s no wonder that spas will often incorporate that into their environment. There are many ways that nature can be translated into your packaging. You can emulate the outdoors in your designs by designing your packaging as kraft shopping bags, for example, or having special effects like spot varnish, use of natural materials like cotton, jute, or wood, and implementing earth tones like browns, greens, tans, and blues.

Not only are spas relaxing, but they’re also quite luxurious. There are many ways you can translate the elegance of a spa atmosphere in your spa packaging, such as the material, embellishments, or special effect used on your bags or boxes. Some ways you can add a sophisticated feel to your spa packaging is by: making it out of soft touch paper, interior printing: make your packaging pop, or adding custom: handles, ribbon, hot stamping, grommets, die cuts, lamination, velvet flocking, embossing, and embroidery in addition to many other customization options.

Feel at peace with the design of your spa packaging, and let Prime Line customize something that will show off how refined and soothing your spa brand is.

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