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Make Your Packaging Shine with Copper



Copper is a hot new metallic trend that will be seen throughout the remainder of 2014 and 2015. Copper colored or accented items can warm up any design. Unlike silver, this trending metallic does not have a mechanical feel to it, but rather, a natural, earthy feel to it and can compliment a lot of different color schemes from Pantone’s fashion color report.  Unlike the formality one usually associates with gold, copper is somewhat rugged, yet refined. Using it within your designs can give your packaging a rustic and elegant charm.

Metallics are a design staple. They can add luxury to any product. Copper is especially versatile because it can coordinate very well with wood, earth tones, natural fabrics and materials like cotton canvas, jute, muslin. Change up your branded mailers by printing or hot stamping copper to catch your customer’s eye.

There are many ways you can use this trend in your designs. You can color your packaging with this shade, or you can use it as an accent. Even just a small amount of this bronzy metallic can add a refreshing new spin on any product. Some ways you can use it to make a statement is embellish your package with copper ink, hot stamping, grommets, ribbons, and interior printing. You can even add this metallic hue to your holiday shopping bags and gift boxes for a trending look.

Contact Prime Line today for packaging that will shine brightly! If you are interested in this trend, ask us how else you can incorporate this shade of bronze into your bags and other packaging supplies.

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