Custom printed kraft bags are eco-friendly while still making a fashionable, customized appearance. This is especially so when paired with different design options, specialized printing and unique handles. From roped or twisted handles to custom printing, kraft bags will be sure to stand out in any retail environment. These bags can also be created in a variety of different options such as natural kraft color, custom color tint, spot printed, custom print designs as well as coated or uncoated.

With the increasing awareness of environmental issues, people are switching to eco-friendly businesses and products. Consumers are more likely to be eco-conscious and buy from eco-friendly businesses. As a business owner, switching to eco-friendly products and shopping bags is necessary. Environmentally friendly designs help lower waste and reduce your carbon footprint. If you are still unsure how to incorporate eco-friendly products into your business, we are here to help. Besides being environmentally friendly, here are some reasons to include kraft shopping bags in your business.

Kraft paper shopping bags are a better option than plastic bags. In recent years, these bags have gained tremendous popularity. The following are a few reasons why kraft bags are considered better than other shopping bags.

Popularity Of Kraft Shopping Bags

Custom kraft paper is stronger than the other, traditional paper. Kraft paper has low manufacturing costs and high paper strength. Custom kraft bags also don't involve extensive bleaching.


Packaging with custom kraft shopping bags has several benefits. First, packaging with kraft bags is environmentally friendly. Second, kraft shopping bags are lightweight, which helps keep the cost of shipping down. Just because kraft bags are lightweight doesn’t mean they lack durability. Kraft bags are strong, flexible, and can be used more than once. The bags are perfect for products of all shapes and sizes.


Kraft paper shopping bags benefit the environment and promote your business at the same time. Use custom kraft paper for business cards to create a professional look and a durable card. Your clients will appreciate your environmental awareness by using eco-friendly materials.

Kraft paper is also used for envelopes as they tend to last longer than the standard paper envelopes. The low lignin in the kraft paper makes it more durable than any other paper on the market.

Gift Wrapper

Custom kraft bags are gift bags too. They are attractive and durable for gifts of all sizes. The bags are perfect gift bags because they can be reused. They are also used for custom kraft paper. Gift wrapping is easy with the versatility of kraft paper.

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