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Interior Printing: Make Your Packaging Pop

interior printing

interior printing

Bags can have many details that make them stand out and pop. One of the simplest ways to do this is interior printing. Why leave the inside of your packaging blank when you can make it more enticing to your customers?

For a nice contrast, a pop of color can be printed inside a flipside Kraft shopping bag. Interior printing can add a fun touch to your bags is by adding a pattern that compliments the exterior. Logos, patterns, solid colors, and even photographs can be printed to give your bag a well thought out design, inside and out.

There are a few ways that you can enhance the inside of your package in addition to interior printing. The interior of a bag or box can be flocked with a fabric, such as velvet and satin to create high fashion packaging. This feature is a great surprise for your customers and it also makes your design more interesting.

Another way the interior of your products can be decorated is through specialty processes like hot stamping, embossing, and spot varnish. While these finishes are typically seen on the exterior of the bag, using them on the inside can create a stunning and unexpected design.

The inside of your package deserves to look just as fabulous as the exterior. Use our designer tools: create your own custom packaging to see what options are available in creating a more cohesive and reinforced brand. If you like this trend contact Prime Line today and find out how you can utilize it in your next packaging project!

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