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Make Your Packaging Pop With Metallics



Bags with different shades of metallics give classic packaging a sophisticated and unexpected twist. There are many ways to embrace this trend, such as accenting a bag with colored grommets, hot stamped artwork, or printing with a metallic ink. No matter what your aesthetic, there is a way to incorporate metallics into it!

This trend can be used on many different types of packaging. Metallics can make any bag or box more glamorous and add a level of sophistication and formality to your products. For example, you can dress up your kraft shopping bags with a gold logo, print the interior of a box, or screen print a pattern on a cotton tote.

If you feel metallics don’t fit in with your brand’s everyday look, using them can be a great change for your holiday packaging. One advantage of holiday packaging is that you can experiment short term with a new look, without the commitment. Metallics can be fun as well as formal, and therefore, can be reminiscent of all the bright lights and happy memories of the holiday season. With metallics, holiday shopping bags and gift boxes can be taken to the next level.  It takes several months to complete packaging, so now is the perfect time to start sampling the metallic look for your holiday bags.

The type of metallic can change the entire feeling of your packaging. Certain metal shades can look formal and futuristic, while others give off an earthy richness. One example of a great metallic to use is rose gold, which is currently very trendy. Tonally, this color is very warm, but the pinkish hue makes it feel less formal than a traditional yellow gold. It’s a more subtle metallic; therefore, it can compliment a packaging without overwhelming it. Rose gold can pair well with earthy materials, such as cotton: the versatile fabric, jute, muslin, and wood.

If you are looking for an easy way to upgrade your packaging, please inquire with us about metallics. We will help guide you through the best way to utilize this trend to make your brand stand out. Please contact Prime Line today for further information.

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