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How Accessories Can Change Your Packaging


Branding can go far beyond the essential packaging items like bags and boxes. There are so many additional packaging elements and accessories that can be added to a collection to create cohesion and reinforce your overall look. Customized accessories can be a great way to add a personal touch to items that may often be overlooked.

Items like hangers, hanger sleeves, pouches, garment bags, banners, ribbons, stickers and product packaging can be so much more impactful if they are reflective of its brand. Not only can logos and other elements of the brands be printed, but depending on the item, so much more can be done to give them personality! Create memorable products by doing things like: embossing hangers, adding embroidery to your ribbons or banners, printing your hanger sleeves with metallic ink, adding spot varnish on your stickers and grommets on your product packaging. There are limitless ways to make your products as unique as your brand!

Set your packaging apart from others by adding branded accessories to your collection. These make a brand more valuable because the customer sees that no small detail goes unnoticed in your products. (This is our secret to memorable packaging!)Custom accessories will continue to advertise your brand long after the initial purchase was made and will make your look more uniform.

What type of accessories would work best for your brand? Call Prime Line and discuss your options on how to create a stronger brand identity through use of packaging accessories.

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