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Flip Side Kraft Paper

Flip Side Kraft Paper

One trend in packaging right now is the implementation of flip side kraft paper. This is a very unique and versatile material. What makes it special is that one side is brown kraft, but the other is white.

Both sides can be printed over, opening up many design possibilities. One can choose to have full color on both, but there’s also the option of emphasizing one side over the other. For example, you can have a simplistic brown paper bag and put a surprising vibrant pop of color on the interior. Or if you’d rather, you can print a more elaborate design on the exterior using the white side, and then have the inside more understated, with the plain kraft. Flip side kraft can give the look of having a printed interior, but without the extra cost.

Another advantage of using flip side kraft paper is that it is eco-friendly. Kraft material is natural and biodegradable, and can comply with bag laws that require a certain post-consumer waste content. Between being a green product, and being an overall versatile material to work with, flip side kraft is a blank slate that can satisfy anyone’s packaging needs.

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