Using Post Consumer Waste in your Packaging

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Making your bags out of Post Consumer Waste will not only keep your packaging in compliance with regional bag laws, but it will also have a huge impact on your global footprint. By making your bags with 40% or more PCW, you can save tons of waste that would normally be going into landfills.

If environmental concerns are something your brand is conscious of, it is logical to use recycled materials or post consumer waste in your packaging. On average, there is 9.5 tons of paper used on shopping bags that fill a shipping container. Some of our larger clients order as much as 65 containers of product per year. If the paper shopping bags on these containers are made with 80% PCW, than 7.6 tons of paper per container will be reused, which could make your company prevent almost 500 tons of extra garbage in landfills each year. This much extra waste could easily be something that’s controlled when your packaging contains a percentage of post consumer waste.

When bags are ordered in large quantities by the container load, a brand’s use of post consumer waste in their packaging could have a huge impact on the environment. Not only will being greener be a responsible use of resources, but it also ensures that your packaging can be used throughout the country and be in complaint with packaging bans in many cities. If your stores are in areas with bag ban laws and you are not using paper bags containing post consumer waste, this poor planning would add more garbage in the landfills in addition to losing the money spent on making packaging that can not be used.

Adding post consumer waste content to bags makes sense both economically and environmentally. These bags are the future of packaging and should be implemented frequently. Eco-friendly packaging is our Green Initiative.

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