From shopping bags, to gift boxes, here at Prime Line, we offer an array of eco-friendly materials to help reduce our carbon footprint. Not only can our bags and boxes be created from natural paper and corrugated materials with up to 80% post-consumer waste, we also offer other ecological materials such as pp non-woven, cotton, muslin and jute. Our bags and boxes can always be recycled or repurposed into something new. We are proud to say that our company is apart of the SGP Partnership as well as EPI and FSC® Certified.


The Forest Steward Council® is the organization that sets standards for responsible forest management. It is a voluntary program in which FSC® uses the power of the marketplace to ensure forests are responsibly managed. Today, more than 380 million acres of forest are certified under FSC®’s program, including more than 150 million acres in the US and Canada.


EPI is the developer, licensor and distributor of Totally Degradable Plastic Additives (TDPA). EPI’s technology has been designed to control and manage the lifetime of products made from the most common plastics used by society today. This technology allows treated plastics to quickly and fully decompose. The largest category of plastic use is in packaging; whether it is food, boxes or shopping bags, these items were created with the environment in mind.
EPI continues to educate consumers, wholesalers and providers on biodegradable plastics while developing and encouraging research and leadership in the biodegradable and degradable plastic industry.


The Sustainable Green Printing Partnership is a non-profit organization that advocates best practices and innovation among print community participants. SGP encourages the printing and packaging industry to reduce their environmental impact and increase social awareness of their best practices to provide buyers an accountable, sustainable supply chain.