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Incorporate Bohemian Flair Into Your Bags



In fashion magazines and stores, we are seeing a continuation of wild and free bohemian patterns and 70s inspired prints. A great way to incorporate this season’s boho flair into your current packaging is to add some embellishments, metallic hot stamping and contrasting prints onto environmentally friendly fabrics such as cotton, linen, bamboo, jute and muslin.

Since these bags are eco-friendly and versatile, they can be worn as a fashion piece across the body, or for just carrying your everyday items while running errands. These bags can also be cut, dyed and sewn to your desire and can also be embellished with beading, fringe and stitching to make your bohemian look complete.

In retail stores, reusable shopping bags a customer go-to for this season’s continuing boho trend. Contact us at Prime Line Packaging today to create the perfect bohemian-inspired shopper.

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