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Custom Mailers and Shipping Boxes

custom mailers and boxes

custom mailers and boxes

When it comes to branding, a store’s packaging can come in many sizes and materials such as custom boxes and mailers. They are the ideal containers to ship your trademark products in, especially to those who love to shop online. Since shopping online is increasing in popularity, polymailers and boxes can expand the customer base outside of stores with great ease.

Polymailers are perfect for shipping soft items such as apparel or linens. They fit perfectly into the mailbox and can be effortlessly transported, keeping the contents inside safe and dry.

Since polymailers lay flat, they can be customized with your brand’s logo and use an endless variety of films, colors and accented printing options. These films include LDPE, HDPE, MDPE and coextruded plastic, which are durable materials that can ensure the safety of its contents.

Along with mailers, corrugated shipping boxes are also a great way for a company to ship their larger, more fragile products to online customers. It is important to appropriately size the packaging to its contents so the items inside will not be damaged in transit. Like mailers, boxes can be customized to fit the identity of the company.

Receiving custom mailers and boxes reflective of your brand get the customer excited to open its contents. It’s a great way to send a little bit of the store’s atmosphere to the customer and further their excitement about their purchase. This is also a perfect way to catch the eye of the consumer and get them to remember your brand. Custom mailers and boxes are great for your store’s e-commerce section. Find out how you can expand your store with branded packaging

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