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Advantages of Vinyl Packaging

vinyl packaging

vinyl packaging

Vinyl is a versatile material that’s perfect to make your packaging out of. It’s strong, reusable, and is often clear or translucent.

There are so many options of how you can customize your vinyl bag. Vinyl packaging traditionally is clear, but it can be tinted a color, or can be frosted. In addition to color (Add Radiant Orchid: Pantone’s 2014 color of the year to your packaging for an on trend look.) and opacity, this material can also be hot stamped, embossed, and can be embellished in numerous ways, such as custom handles, zippers, or trim! Many different items can be made from vinyl, including, but not limited to: cosmetic bags, garment bags, product packaging, and shopping bags. If your vinyl is clear, make it stand out by framing your bag in a contrasting material. This can draw more attention to the product itself, as well as the contents inside.

One advantage to using vinyl material is that it is durable and reusable. With ever growing concern for the environment, the option of reusable shopping bags are always a favorable one. Since they can be used multiple times, vinyl packaging makes a great gift with purchase. It’s the gift that keeps giving through every use!

If you think vinyl is the right material for your next packaging project, please contact us at Prime Line and we’ll figure out what the best options are for you!

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