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Mixed Material Packaging

mixed materials

Mixed materials, patterns, and textures has always been a great way to reinvent an item. In many industries, such as fashion, home décor, and even in packaging the blending of unlike materials can create an eye-catching effect, even on the most simplistic of designs.

If you work with the same type of material for every project, you might begin to get bored with the results. Bring some life to your packaging by including a more luxurious fabric or textile to your original design. Mixed materials and textiles in your packaging offers unlimited combinations of what can be created. Blending fabrics that you often use with something more high end can give your bags a more elegant look without the expensive price tag.

There’s many ways this trend can be utilized. For example, more mixed materials can be used as a trim or accent, heavier materials can be used as unique shopping bag handles or bottom of a bag to give it more support, or the combination of textiles can be used to create a unique visual or tactile piece. Mixing materials in your packaging gives your brand an easily recognizable look that stands out in a crowd. This type of innovation shows customers there is more to your brand than meets the eye, as well as giving them insight into your creativity.

Making something with multiple materials is exciting because a completely new product will be made. If you want to create custom product packaging, mixing cloth and textiles are a great way to execute something different!

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