The Presence of Presents: Make Your Gifts Stand Out

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There are many ways you can dress up your gift boxes to make them more appealing to your customers. Boxes can be customized in a number of ways, such as with additions like ribbons and hang tags as well as interior printing. The use of treatments and accessories can implement use of special effects, such as embossing, hot stamping and spot varnish. Dressing up your gift boxes will make the contents inside stand out that much more.

One easy way to make your packaging look like presents is by having pre-tied bows or ribbons attached. Another way to decorate your boxes is by printing the interior. These features will add to the gift box, and makes the contents pop inside.

In addition to having embellishments on your custom box, other specialty treatments can be added to give your packaging a more timeless look. For example, embossing a logo into a gift box adds sophistication to an otherwise simple package. Another way to stylize your packaging is through use of modern metallics as a hot stamp, which can upgrade any design. If subtlety is preferred, use of spot varnish can have a striking effect against a matte background, without overwhelming your design. These types of treatments are reminiscent of luxury and higher end products, and will make your packaging look more valuable as a result.

Make your gift packaging unique and interesting so they will become presents for your customers. When a package is well designed, the contents look even better as a result. Please contact Prime Line today and create gift boxes that will beautifully put your products on display.

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