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Ways Prime Line Stays Environmentally Compliant

environmentally compliant

environmentally compliant

Prime Line Packaging takes pride in our products and in the processes in which they are made and staying environmentally compliant. That’s why we use certified vendors to make our packaging. There are many types of certifications you can get to make sure your packaging is made ethically and compliant of both environmental and national laws.

We offer a bunch of environmentally compliant recyclable, and paper options but it’s great to go the extra mile and select FSC® certified paper for your packaging product. The Forest Stewardship Council® responsibly manages forests and the resources that come from them, such as paper. They also prohibit use of hazardous chemicals, prevent deforestation, use only quality water sources, and protect the rights of the indigenous people where the forests are grown; creating an environmentally friendly and ethical product.

Prime Line is also an EPI certified company. This type of certification is for plastic that has TDPA® additives which helps to make it degradable as well as biodegradable.

Other factories have other certifications including: ISO, SA8000, and GSV. In addition to the certifications our factories are all socially compliant. Our factories have passed many inspections, which show that they are compliant of all safety, health, environmental, and social regulations.

It is of utmost importance to us that our packaging is made ethically with ecological consciousness in mind. We want to make a better product, not just for us, but for our customers, our factory workers, and the environment. Further to our certifications, we also stay in compliance with bag laws across the country.

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