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You’ll flip over Flip Side Kraft Packaging!

flip side kraft

flip side kraft

Get creative with your next packaging project and use a material that’s as innovative as it is stylish. Flip side kraft is a unique type of paper that’s perfect to make shopping bags out of. It’s an interesting material that marries a natural look with the traditional paper bag. One side of the bag is solid white and the other is kraft. Both can be printed on, making the customization possibilities endless.

Make use of flip side kraft in a way that makes sense to your brand by emphasizing a specific side. For example, show the kraft on the exterior and surprise your customer with the inside printed. Or if you’d rather downplay the natural element, the kraft side can discreetly make up the interior portion of the bag.

Like traditional paper, there are many treatments and embellishments that can be added to flip side kraft shopping bags that will add to its one of a kind look. It can be customized with embossing, grommets, hot stamping, specialty handles, die cuts, and countless other options! Flip side kraft is a versatile option not only in its look, but what can be done with it in order to create a distinctive product.

For individuals who are concerned about the environment, as well as the aesthetic of the bag, flip side kraft is an eco-friendly material. These bags are made from 80% post consumer waste and are in compliance with all current bag ban laws. Since bag laws are different throughout the country, this option is ideal for a national retailer. Additionally, if the handles of a flip side kraft bag are made from paper, it can make the entire package recyclable. This will help reduce waste and lessen your global footprint on the Earth.

If you are wondering how to make green packaging, one of a kind type of bag, contact Prime Line and learn what kind of advantages flip side kraft offers your next packaging project.

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