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Loft Press Check

Loft Press Check2

At Prime Line Packaging, we take great pride in our products, and want to ensure that everything is the best quality. We visit our factories regularly to make sure that everything is running smoothly and that our packaging meets our clients expectations.

Recently, we arranged to be on press for the first run of the new LOFT flipped kraft shopping bag. We went over all the details to make sure the bags were perfect. The ink was mixed and remixed until the color was precisely the right shade, and once it was fully dried, it was checked and rechecked under various lighting conditions including natural and retail lighting. All contributing factors were meticulously analyzed, no matter how small or large, such as: making sure all the handle details were correct, the paper was the exact desired whiteness, and the craftsmanship and construction of each piece were up to our standards.

We take a lot of pride in our work, and so we subject our products to rigorous tests to make sure that we approve of the end result. If you want quality packaging, please consider Prime Line for your next project.

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