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Wrap it Up: Custom Food Packaging

Terrain is known for their garden supplies, but the crown jewel of the stores is their upscale eateries. The food served is locally grown and prepared by gourmet chefs, giving customers fresh and delicious meals daily.

An often overlooked, but necessary, element in packaging is the paper used to wrap food up in. Wrapping materials don’t have to be plain; instead, they can be used as a great tool for promotion. For example, this wax paper is custom branded for Terrain stores. Printed in a green ink, it subtly ties nature into the dining experience, as well as coordinates with Terrain’s other packaging, although not as literal. This type of custom food packaging is tasteful in its simplicity, and the clear paper allows for the focus to be on the food inside.

Many different types of material can be used for preserving the freshness of food such as: wax paper, kraft paper, and plastic. Not only do you want to protect the food, but you want to prevent spillage. What do you want to accent with your wraps? Do you want people to notice the food first or the custom design of the packaging? Every little detail can say something about your brand, and while your wraps are disposable, don’t let them be forgettable!

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