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Custom Bottle Bags

bottle shopping bags

This bag for Dewar’s was custom made to fit the exact size and shape of their scotch bottle. The design of the bag is very dramatic, with a dark blue vignette framing the edges. Most of the focus of this bag is on a drink being poured next to the product shot. The imagery of the scotch being poured into a glass is almost tumultuous, like a wave rising out of the ocean. Its exciting, and it gives the impression that your product will be something memorable and thrilling.This type of bag presents itself as a gift to customers. This elegant packaging makes it seems as special as the contents within.

Other advantages is that the bag acts as a buffer for the glass, and is supportive enough to hold the weight of a bottle without ripping. Made from premium quality paper and durable rope handles, this bag is built to be strong and hold the contents in place. The paper has a glossy finish, which puts a more realistic emphasis on the images.

Bottle shopping bags are a great type of package to keep delicate items secure. They can be customized to fit the product’s shape and are a great tool to promote your brand identity. If you are concerned about how sturdy your packaging is for your beverages, bottle bags are the best way to go.

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