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Uniquely Branded Store Shoppers

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To make shopping easier and more enjoyable, retailers have added in-store shoppers into their packaging repertoire. Convenient for carrying their future purchases, customers can carry these bags throughout the store without the restrictions of a bulky shopping cart.

There are countless ways to get creative and tailor your bag to your brand. For durable and long lasting in-store shoppers, retailers often opt for a translucent like material like pp woven or mesh for shoppers that can keep up with everyday use. Along with reusable materials, custom embellishments such as grommets, custom stitching, screen-printing and embroidery can give your store the trendiest shopper.

They can be as simple or as elaborate as your store’s brand and can be used as a fashion statement in window displays or on mannequins. There are so many ways to make your in-house shoppers memorable. Contact us at Prime Line Packaging today to design a shopper that’s ideal for your brand.