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Color Trends 2017

Popular Color Trends of 2017

With the seasons changing and a new year on the horizon, this year’s popular colors are evolving into even more modern and chic hues. Retailers that like to stay on top of trends are always following updated color reports. They are gathering hues from fashion shows and popular home décor outlets. These fresh new color trends are not just for fashion and home; they can be added to your packaging for an eye catching, fresh look.

Looking further into these predicted color trends for 2017, we see a minimalist style with darker and dustier hues that will set the tone for the upcoming year. Cool lilacs and minty greens seen last season will transition into icy blues and deeper green tones.

These contrasting hues can easily be incorporated into any packaging design. They can be paired together for a dominating look, or separate with custom treatments such as spot uv or hot stamping for a more minimalist look. Along with minimalist designs, bold colors such as fire engine red, navy and black are also transitioning towards mustard yellow and warm grey hues, which give off a more muted and bold feel. These hues are the perfect addition to any packaging design as they also give off a warm and inviting tone.

This upcoming color trend is so versatile that you can either keep your packaging simple with dusty rose tones (which is currently one of the trendiest colors) and warm yellows or jazz it up with deep grays and contrasting ice blues. Adding some final touches like zipper pulls, grommets, ribbons, velvet flocking and custom handles or hang tags will take your packaging from every day to eye catching.

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