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Terrain Kraft Shopper

Burgundy and Plum: Winter’s Go To Colors


Terrain printed kraft shopper with custom colors

There are two trendy colors that are taking the retail world by storm, and those shades are burgundy and plum. Also known as “Maroon” and “Deep Purple” these reddish-purple hues made their way onto runways and in fashion forecasts across the globe. With their growing popularity, this season’s signature colors can also be incorporated into any type of retail packaging.

Paired with metallics such as copper, shades of gold, silver, and other Earthy colors of the season, your packaging will have a unique twist. Burgundy and plum paired together or separate can really take your packaging from ordinary to extraordinary when paired with prints on reusable fabric or kraft and specialty papers.

Along with an assortment of materials, embellishments such as zipper pulls, grommets, ribbons and hang tags can be added for that finishing touch on your product. If you’re looking for a simpler look, these cool and festive colors can be custom printed on any packaging of your choice.

These swatches have already made their way into many aspects of fashion and retail so why not add a little bit of these festive colors into your packaging. Even though they are trendy this season, they will never be outdated due to their timeless look and feel. They can even be carried over into the following seasons.

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