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Shopping Bag Law Compliances

shopping bag law

shopping bag law

As people become more aware of their impact on the environment, new restrictions have been placed on bags in order to prevent waste. But just because you have to stay in compliance with the shopping bag law in your city doesn’t mean your packaging has to be boring!

There are a variety of things you can do with your bags and still abide by bag laws across the country. Bags made from heavier gauges of plastic, usually about 2.25 mm or higher, are considered greener because they will be considered reusable. Plastic shopping bags can be custom printed, made out of a colored film, and and can have a variety of handle options. Some examples of the different styles are: t-shirt bags, die cuts, patch handles, folded straps and clip loop. Each style can give the product its own distinctive look.

Many areas have bans on single use paper bags. With packaging using post consumer waste, retailers will be in compliance of the  shopping bag law in your city. Paper bags can be embellished by the printing, hot stamping, and a variety of other customizable additions.

They’re are many other materials that you can use in your packaging besides paper and plastic that are also environmentally friendly. Reusable bags are a great alternative can be made of several materials, including: ppnw, cotton, jute, and muslin. There are limitless options on how bags can be decorated, such as with: ribbons, buckles, snaps, embossing, and custom stitching!

Bag Laws may limit some of your material choices, but it shouldn’t infringe on your creativity! But before you make your packaging, make sure to check your local laws to ensure that your paper and plastic bags comply with the regulations.

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