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Predicted 2014 Trends in Packaging

2014 trends

2014 trends

Like fashion, trends in packaging change from season to season. Trends are determined through research by color experts and trend watchers in a variety of socio-economical areas in architecture, textiles, and fashion.

One of the 2014 trends that will greatly influence the look of packaging is the industrial look of modern technology. Modern Metallics that are often seen in reflective surfaces, such as silvers, jet black, and dark hues of blue, purple and green are expected to be very popular in 2014 trends.

Not only will the colors reflect the modern age, it is expected that geometric shapes will be used throughout patterns and the packaging shapes. The overall feel will be simplistic and mechanical, with little embellishments. Treatments such as foils, laminations and varnishes complement the industrial feel in packaging. Modern technology greatly impacts all aspects of our lives, and therefore, it is no surprise that it will also serve as a muse for our designs.

An additional trend that is expected to be seen in 2014 trends are soft and romantic colors and patterns. Inspired by nature, we can expect to see a variety of pinks, lavenders, creams and light grays. Combine these delicate hues with cotton, satin ribbons and lace embellishments are just a few ways this look can be achieved. While some other color 2014 trends might be extreme for some consumers, these hues are neutral enough to be used in a variety of ways.

If you feel like your packaging is out of date, now is the time to reinvent your look with something modern and trendy!

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