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Outlet Store Packaging Items

Outlet store packaging is becoming as popular if not more so than traditional shopping malls. To keep up with full price retailers, outlet stores are using packaging that is as attention grabbing seen in conventional retail stores.

Shopping bags are a reflection of store identity. Many retailers have numerous mainstream stores as well as outlet locations. To keep their brand identity consistent throughout all retail and outlet sites, shopping bags should be created with the store’s target audience and specific image in mind.

Even though prices are cheaper in your average outlet store, your packaging does not have to look it. We offer a full range of reusable, paper and plastic shopping bags that can be created for outlet retailers at an affordable rate. Bags made from paper can be enhanced with various types of treatments such as hot stamping, spot uv and matte or gloss lamination. Multiple handle options are available to further customize the bags.

Shopping bags made from plastic materials can also be printed with similar treatments like those on a paper shopper. Plastic shopping bags can similarly feature a matte or glossy finish along with die cut, drawstring or patch handles.

How will you upgrade your outlet shopping bags? For eco-friendly ideas and alternatives, contact us at Prime Line today.

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