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Mailers: Out Of Store Branding



As E-Commerce is rapidly growing in popularity, companies have put more focus on their mailers. These types of mailers come in every size imaginable and can be as simple or as embellished as the store it is representing to catch the eye of the customer.

Since mailers lay flat, they can be customized on both sides with brand logos, colors and a variety of films such as LDPE, HDPE, MDPE and coextruded plastic. One is also not limited to the types of ink that can be used.

Considering these mailers are made from the assorted films listed above, they are especially designed to be durable and can be reused for easy returns. It is the perfect type of packaging to keep products safe in transit directly to stores or the home.

It’s thrilling to receive one of these mailers and open its contents. This is a perfect way to get the customer to remember your brand outside of the store and will be a perfect addition to your packaging accessories. Contact us at Prime Line today for all of your mailer and branding needs.

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