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Our Secret to Memorable Packaging

paper shopping bag with thick tapestry handle

memorable packaging

Paper shopping bags are a standard item in stores, but that doesn’t mean they have to be bland. There are many ways to create memorable packaging with a modern twist.

There are many types of paper that can be used in memorable packaging, as well as many ways that it can be decorated. There are unique papers with different colors and textures, laminations and varnishes including soft touch spot uv, and custom embossing that can be used to create your vision. Pairing distinctive paper with treatments can give your bag a remarkable look. Specialty effects can visually add a lot to your shoppers. Things such as innovative printing on paper shopping bags and hot stamping not only look appealing, but they also add more dimension to the design. Tactile elements engage the customer and make them more aware of the differences that set your bags apart.

Embellishments are another easy way to make your memorable packaging stand out and to accessorize your brand. Shoppers can be customized in many ways, such as by adding grommets, sewn on handles or any speciality handle options. The type of handle used can be an easy way to make your bag go from ordinary to extraordinary. Grosgrain ribbon, natural cotton, satin, jute, rope, and a variety of materials can create a memorable handle that will put your shopper in a class of its own.

What speaks to your brand most? The best way to make your packaging pop is to stay true to your identity when figuring out your bag’s look. You don’t want to go off-brand with your designs, so elements need to be chosen because they express the aesthetic and overall promise behind your company. Contact Prime Line today with you ideas and we’ll work with you to make unforgettable paper shopping bags.

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