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How To Make Cutting Edge Packaging



Prime Line loves innovative projects. Working with companies who want a unique collection gives us the opportunity to push our creativity further than ever before to create cutting edge packaging. Whether it’s through the materials used, the design, or making event specific packaging, we want to help you realize your vision and make something that your customers will love.

There are many ways to make cutting edge packaging. Specialty features such as screen printing, embossing, hot stamping, spot varnish, lamination, and additional embellishments can set your bag apart. Customization doesn’t need to end there; the material choice also adds the look of your tote. There are many different types of shopping bags. They can be made out of a variety of papers, wood, cotton, jute, teralyne, muslin, pp nonwoven, pp woven, mesh, and plastic, to name a few. The bag should be sturdy for the its intended purposes and the artwork should help tell your brand’s story.

Having a variety of artwork on your tote bags can really entice people into coming back to your store. Companies like Urban Outfitters change up their packaging designs so often that their bags are sought out accessories that people like to collect. In order to stay fresh and relevant, brands should stay up to date with current trends, as well as paving the way with new ones.

The best way to create cutting edge packaging is to connect with customers on a personal level. Often stores will look to pop culture to help create something that speaks to their audience. Using images of a popular actors or partnering with music festivals are great ways to stay connected with what people are interested in, not only in their packaging, but in their everyday lives. This familiarity with customers shows them that your brand understands them and what they like, and will help to create a loyal shopper.

There are many ways to create innovative packaging, but in the end, you should give the customer something they want, either through the material, the content, or simply making a reliable bag. If you want to create something that is truly remarkable and cutting edge, please contact Prime Line with your ideas and we’ll do our best to make your vision a reality.

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