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Experience Unique Gourmet Packaging

Gourmet packaging

When it comes to gourmet packaging, the presentation is just as important as the taste. Its no wonder that upscale eateries want to show off their products in innovative packaging.

The food service industry itself, is changing. Comfort foods and snacks can be presented in a gourmet style, making them more sophisticated. Most people would not associate food trucks with anything other than a place to get a quick snack, but many, like Pocketful, have become an upscale attraction.

The Pocketful box is an elegant alternative to the typical food box. The bright shades of orange are vibrant and exciting, and encourage you to look inside. This gourmet packaging functions differently than most containers; it opens from a tab on the side, making it perfect for eating on the go without the mess. In order to further contain the food, these boxes can go inside matching plastic bags, which help carry out the brand identity. This gourmet  packaging reflects the unique dining experience that Pocketful gives its customers.

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